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About Us

about us

ERS System

In 2001, as YAPI METAL in Izmir, it entered the sector by providing sales, assembly and service in an area of 24m2.

In 2004, ERYAPI METAL AUTOMATIC DOOR LTD ŞTİ was the distributor of various global brands. In the same year, it accelerated its production activities.

It crowned the experience it gained with its understanding of quality products and services with the Ers System brand it created in 2007.

ERS SYSTEM, which has R&D, P&D, Software, Electronic Hardware units within its own structure, expanded its range by purchasing SIRIUS ELECTRONICS LTD ŞTİ in 2017 and strengthened its infrastructure in the electronics sector.

With the solutions it offers and the responsibilities it undertakes, it approaches all its customers in the global market with the same quality and service understanding.

ERS SYSTEM is able to address every region and geography with the quality and necessary certifications in accordance with the world norms and trends.

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Our Vision

As ERYAPI METAL, our main goal is to grow our production and investment decisively every year. In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the best way, we produce quality service and production in accordance with legal regulations, within a system, with the policy and awareness of providing planned and continuous quality. We aim to be a pioneer and leading brand in the field of automatic door systems all over the world, trusted and preferred by all our partners.