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ERS Hermetic

ERS Hermetic

ERS System automatic and manual hermetic operating room doors can be used safely on ships and boats in operating rooms, laboratories, X-ray and sound insulation rooms in order to provide full insulation by increasing air tightness. Hermetic door mechanism and wing design are designed by ERS Sytem for dust-free and bacteria-free smooth surfaces in fully sterile environments. Stainless steel, aluminum, compact laminated and glass panel alternatives are available.

Special Hermetic Door Design Concept

The invisible guide system developed by ERS System inside the sash provides the process of pushing the sash towards the frame and completes the final process by completing the final process thanks to the guide at the closing point of the sash, ensuring complete sealing and completing the hermetic door feature.

Since it is anti-bacterial, easy to clean, can be opened untouched and self-closing; it prevents both germ contamination and many losses such as air-pressure. It provides impermeability with its special gaskets.